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About the Founder

Carolyne Cruz is a Certified Meditation Coach, 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher and Level 2 Certified Reiki Practitioner who is passionate about supporting individuals on their inner journey through yoga and mindfulness.


Having overcome personal struggles with depression and substance abuse, Carolyne discovered the transformative power of yoga over seven years ago. Through consistent practice and exploration of yoga philosophy, meditation, and mindfulness tools, she found healing, authenticity, and self-love, surpassing the benefits of traditional therapy.

Now a private yoga teacher and mindfulness coach, Carolyne offers recorded & personalized sessions that blend ancient yoga wisdom with modern mindfulness tools. Rooted in the belief that holistic well-being is essential, she creates a safe space for clients to explore the connection between body, mind, and spirit.


Tailoring online tools and sessions to individual goals, abilities, and preferences, Carolyne guides clients through yoga postures, breathwork, and meditation techniques for enhanced physical and emotional well-being.

Beyond physical practice, Carolyne specializes in mindfulness coaching, utilizing techniques like guided meditation and stress reduction to foster awareness and resilience. She collaborates with clients to develop sustainable mindfulness practices for daily life, empowering them to manage stress, improve focus, and find greater purpose.


Carolyne is committed to spreading the benefits of yoga and mindfulness, serving as a supportive partner on each client's journey toward holistic well-being.


Whether it's online or in person, with her mindfulness tools you will embark on a transformative path that nourishes the mind, body, and spirit, fostering a life rich in balance, joy, and fulfillment.

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